Welcome to the portfolio website of Daniel Durkee.
Visual UI/UX Designer and Web Developer.
Welcome to the portfolio website of Daniel Durkee. A Visual UI/UX Designer and Web Developer from San Francisco, California.

My skills, what I can do for you, and more

Design & Branding

Logo creation, ui platforms, re-branding, signage, color palettes creation, conceptual designs, and many other forms ranging from physical products to all things digital.

Web Development

I create various kinds of websites, ranging from html to many different php platforms. I always use the latest forms of coding, HTML5, CSS3, and javascript. You can view some of these websites in my portfolio.

Motion Graphics

Having created motion graphics for films and presentations, I use the latest technology available today. Cinema 4D, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After effects are the software components that I am using. If anything new is required upon request for creating motion pieces then more can be used to suit your needs.

Digital Imaging

I am skilled in digital imaging and photography, having shot photography for clients and for recreation, I have learned many different methods of photographing various things, people, and places. Altering and editing is also a skill mine.

App Design

I enjoy creating many different kinds of designs for apps whether it cater’s to iOS devices or android devices. A creative and clean design on a mobile platform with great use of color is very important.


I am fascinated with all kinds of way-finding designs and I enjoy creating work for this whether it be physical, digital, or even developing a website to help new or existing users. Way-finding is the concept of how people and users communicate and move about from place to place using physical objects and technology to assist them.
About Me.

A little bit about myself

I am Daniel Durkee, a New Media Designer from San Francisco, California. After graduating from Academy of Art University in June of 2014, I had already become fascinated with the ever-changing world of design and code. Technology is constantly evolving and to be a part of what everyone see's outside and online is truly rewarding.
Exploring new ideas of design is what inspires me. Expanding my knowledge and using different techniques drives me to be unique. I always strive to be forward-thinking and find new solutions to real world problems in the realm of design and coding.
Having a creative eye is very important. Often while walking, I see different things and wonder how I could find a way to create something better and more functional. Some things I think about could be very conceptual, other times an idea could be very realistic. There are things from different places all over the world that inspire me.
My Clients.

Some of my best


Please feel free to contact me by phone or email

In my resume, you will see my most previous employers, what my skills are, and be able to learn a little more about me. I’d love to hear from you if you're interested in meeting me and seeing more of my work. I am currently accepting projects, am willing to work anywhere, travel and complete work on the go. Please feel free to contact me above, or by email below.

In my portfolio PDF, you will find various projects and campaigns that I have created over time. Each project shows clean and creative designs that may stand the test of time. If you like, you can also view each of these projects individually on their own pages within my website.

If you are curious about my logo and wondered how I came up with a circular design or even wondered what my logo represents, below is my Identity PDF that will tell you all about the process and how it became what it is today. You will even learn what it stands for.

Logo Idenity: View Identity PDF >